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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Wallpapers

Photographs I took that are good enough to be made into wall pappers.

Orbweaver spider on a plant at Luanti River side.

Plant bug on top of a red flower in Sabah Tea Garden.

An Orthoptera hopper standing on a flower next to a Tawau Chinese Temple.

A jumping spider against it's green habitat in Kinabalu National Park.

An orange Dobsonfly resting on the window frame at Aristo Inn.

Panoramic scenery of the Kundasang mountains.

View of the horizon on the way to Kota Kinabalu.

The hustle and bustle of my school photographed from the 4th floor. 

Friendship photograph of my friends for Friendship Day. 

A cute Theridula spider under a leaf in Tawau Hills Park.

Colors of the stalls outside of Kunak.

A spider enjoying it's meal in Nirvana Memorial Park.

Chinese New Year decorations in 1Borneo - Rabbit Year.

A fern forest in Tawau Hills Park looking like the prehistoric Carboniferous forests.

A blue-nosed damselfly resting on the tip of a grass stalk.

Crossing the bridge like a boss in Tawau Hills Park.

Beautiful "Contour Lines" on this leaf

WAIT, there's more!
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