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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today I learned about Mutation from my Science teacher. Mutation is an interesting science subject indeed.

What is a Mutation ?

1. A mutation is a spontaneous change in a gene or chromosomes, resulting in changes to the characteristic features (phenotype) of the organism.

2. An organism which has genes or chromosomes undergone mutation is called a mutant.

3. Mutations can occur in any cell at anytime, but fortunately mutations seldom happen.

4. Mutations which happen to gametes can cause :

- deformity in the foetus

- damage to the brain

- diseases such as Haemophilia and Down's syndrome.

5. A mutant gene or chromosome can be passed on to future generations.

By Sasbadi Nexus Vista SPM Form 4.5 Science.

Mutation = 突變
Gene = 基因
Chromosomes = 染色體
Deformity in the foetus = 胎兒畸形
Damage to the brain = 大腦損害
Haemophilia = 血友病
Down's syndrome = 唐氏綜合徵



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