Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ants gain wings but lost their abdomen in return

Ants on beach without abdomen
Ants lost their abdomens
On the beach we found scattered around are  countless big ants with no abdomen.
These are big ants with wings. How they lost their abdomens?  We guess these ant have wings that can fly, and when they fly into the open air, they immediately fall pray to the flying birds in the sky.
Their juice big abdomen are favorite of the birds. What bird? We are not sure. But must be highly skilled bird of they air. For these bird while flying in the air can catch up with a flying ant and with surgical precision using their bit to plug off only the juice abdomen dropping the head and thorax to the ground.

On the ground the ants with only head and thorax but without an abdomen still alive to struggle around. But without an abdomen they do not live for too long.

These ants granted a pair of wing to fly but lost their abdomen in return.


Unknown said...

I was searching around on google to figure out the same thing and I came across your site. I also found live winged ants without abdomens. 1 had a small clear insect clinging to what was its thorax. None of the winged ants could fly very well.

Wong Chun Xing said...

My father's explanation is that they are fallen prey to birds.
But if this is true, why only their abdomens? If this is the case, these birds are like black bears which catch salmon fishes only to eat their brains and eggs and leave behind the rest of it's body. This is the best explanation I could find.
I will comment back if I discover the truth.