Sunday, May 16, 2010

School Stall

Every year, the secondary six students of Sabah Chinese High School need to open up stalls and sell small things and games. These form 6 students are training to be businessmen so they have to opened up stalls and sell things and learn how to attract people to come to buy. By doing these, they can build up their experiences. As for this year, there are only two group of stalls. This year, their stalls will be open from 10 April to 24 April every Saturday after school finish till dark. They are the MAMAK DONALD and CHA CHAM BO. Last year, there are more groups than this year. But, the groups this year are more creative. On their last business day, the two group put up their stalls outside the school hall. They also put tables and chairs there to make that place like a restaurant. They did their best by wearing smart waiters costumes and having students to dress up as Mickey Mouse and Miney Mouse to attract more costumers.

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