Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day in Madai

Today (20th June) is a special day - Fathers Day. Last night, my family discussed on how to celebrate Fathers Day. I suggested "How about having a picnic at Madai Waterfalls". My father agreed that it is a good idea.
So early in the morning at about 8a.m. We left our house and headed to Kunak, halfway there it drizzled. We didn't go into the town centre of Kunak, we continued on the highway for another 30 minutes. On the road, I felt sleepy and began to close my eyes. But I was awakened when my father called out to me "We have reached!"
I jumped out from my seat excitedly and went to paid for the entrance fee.

We found a rest hut and quickly occupied it greedily. Although it has stopped raining, we still ended up wet from the thick water droplets in the air. After our early lunch, I went up to explore the canopy walk. My excitement fell when I found out the canopy bridge here is only a short one, not like Bukit Gemuk's longer canopy walkway.

I found interesting tiny animals during my canopy walk there:

                A young colorful Shield Bug                              A flightless Tiger Beetle                              An orange-colored butterfly                      

After I finished the canopy walk and reached the other side, I discovered even more critters:

After some time I began to notice that here - Madai Waterfall, is a  place for lovers. I saw many young and old couples sitting together around this park.

We left at 1:40p.m. (considered early) and went to Kunak Town center and seaside the watch the lives of the poor local fishermen and their families. We can have all the view we wanted of the seaside by standing on a wooden platform. I can feel butterflies in my stomach because the wooden platform is poorly built. There are some big holes and gaps, the platform looks quite fragile too but luckily the platform can sustain my weight.

We then visited church in Kampung Kadazan, this time we brought mummy along. The tame dogs that we met last week had came and greeted us again, "Not you again!" wondered the dogs when they saw Mei Yin. The church had a big surprise for us (really....BIG). We noticed something new, the church had put up a ten meter long picture of Jesus Christ on a tall tower.

After reaching Tawau, we headed straight to Eastern Plaza - The largest shopping mall in Tawau. We secretly bought a surprise Fathers Day gift for our dear dad.

After shopping, we went to Tawau Open Seafood Restaurant (Best place to go to eat seafood in Tawau) to have a Fathers Day dinner. We had delicious dishes and Chinese tea. I wish everyday is Fathers Day because I can enjoy tasty foods everyday, but my Father does not see eye to eye with me because he is the one paying for the dinner.

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