Thursday, July 1, 2010

Occasions for JULY

There are less activities for the month of JULY. Ths month in school, we have great activities like planting tree and marathon. The most special day this month is the Birthday of my school - Sabah Chinese High School.

  • 2nd July (Friday) - Tree Planting Day in School

It is planting day in school today. Early in the morning, all the students and teachers are asked to gather at the basketball court. We are taught how to plant and which to plant. After about 15 minutes, we left the court and started the planting. Every class have several hibiscus plants to plant nest to the big drain at the stony car park beside the school. Each class are separated into different group. My group consist of 5 students - Me, Yon See Kee, Voon Zhi Chee, Tian Yeek Guan and Tommy Ho. We brought our own planting tools and gloves.

Other than planting, we also pour a secret chemical into the big drain and like magic, the dirts in the drain cleared away. The secret chemical is dark brown in colour. There is no English nor Scientific name for this enzyme, in our school it is just called 酵素. Several month before, each classes made their own enzyme with

  • 3rd July (Saturday) - School 46th Anniversary
Today is Sabah Chinese School's birthday. My school is now 46 year old. It is a school break today for teachers and students of my school. However, there is a "birthday celebration". Unfortunately, I did not went to the celebration but I know they have performances at the basketball field.

  • 4th July (Sunday) - School Marathon around Sin On Road
Although today is Sunday, we still had to go to school. The school held this marathon for donations. Every school student must join this marathon except for exceptional case. This marathon is also open to outsiders. Several old men joined in and ran along with us. There are three routes. The longest route - 7km, is for boys. The 5km route is for girls. The shortest route - 3km, is for the VIP - Very Important People.

I got position about 150++ of all the Senior Class (Secondary 4-6) boys.

  • 5th July (Monday) - One Day Break
One day break from school for us to rest at home after the marathon. Almost all those who participate got muscle soreness caused by the lactic acids in our muscles, including me too. I had difficulty in moving for 3 days.

More about Lactic Acid:

  • 12th (Monday- 17th July (Saturday) - Chinese Week in School
This whole week in school, all the students must speak in Chinese. There are Chinese calligraphy competition in school too. Three best calligrapher from each class are awarded with a small trophy and their works are posted and exhibited in front of our school hall.

  • 20th July (Wednesday) - ICAS English Examination
I am more confident in this year's English ICAS examination. There are many difficult and challenging questions. There are also tricky questions too. I hope I can get a better result compared to last year's English ICAS Exam. Last year, I only get 21 questions correct over 60 questions. Not Bad Huh!

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