Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What are House Dust Mites ?

What is a House Dust Mite ?
House Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides) are tiny mites. They are a related to spiders instead of fleas. Their size are about one-third of a millimetre long. they feed on human skin flakes and bodily secretions in dust. They colonise houses, especially in warm, humid areas. They tend to live in carpets, mattresses, pillows, soft furnishing and other things which shelter them from sunlights.

Are House Dust Mites Harmful to us ?
House Dust Mites cannot directly harm us. 
But Dust Mites and their feces can become airborne and are one of the most common indoor allergens. That is, most persons diagnosed as being allergic to “house dust” are actually allergic to the dust mites whose bodies and feces are major components of dust. Roaches and dust mites have also been implicated in triggering asthma attacks, rhinitis and eczema. But, unlike rodent mites, itch mites and chiggers, skin irritation is rarely caused by exposure to dust mites. Although they may “hitchhike” on clothing, dust mites do not live on people.

What eat House Dust Mites ?
There are no specific predators of dust mites but anything like a small spider would undoubtedly eat one if it found it. If the question is "are there any natural enemies that can be used to control dust mites" the answers is I don't think there are any.

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Tea tree and eucalyptus oil are toxic to house dust mites. This has been proven in Australian clinical trials in laundry washing. Benzyl benzoate will kill mite if used as an additive in a spray on matttresses.