Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tinagat Beach and Guan Yin Temple
Guan Yin Temple of Tawau.
Today Sunday. We made a trip to Tinagat Beach which we last visited was 5 years ago.  On the way we dropped in to visit the Guan Yin Temple which we not visited even longer.

While the beach greatly disappointed we with its PVC pollution, the temple greatly amazed us with its newly completed garden and hall.

Guan Yin Temple is the 2nd oldest temple in Tawau. (The oldest being the Guan Ti Temple in the town centre). Almost 100 years old and almost forgotten by the young generation of Chinese, but this old temple surprised us with it recent colorful new face uplift.

Forgotten but still surviving strong. There are 2 main reasons : The local government few years ago allocated to this temple an amount of temple fund; with continues economy stability the people want a higher quality of cultural and spiritual life.

When ever passing by a Hindu Temple and Buddhist Temple, we will not fail to drop in to pay a visit. Thought the religious doctrines are different, we always find similarity between Hindu Temple and Buddhist Temple.

1) The openness of Hindu Temples and Buddhist Temple.  Both temples always big door that almost always remain wild open to the public.
2) Both temples are rich in artistic expression in painting, craft and architecture designs.
3) Both Hindu and Buddhist temples often have garden and court yard where visitors could sit down for a quite contemplation.

Buddhist temples are constructed and managed with society in mind. Temples are children friendly places. It should be.

Guan Yin Temple locate in a quite location 30 minutes drive from the town centre.

Tinagat Beach is just 5 minutes drive from this temple. As for Tinagat Beach, we did not spend too much time on this infamous beach of Sabah polluted with PVC.

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