Saturday, May 7, 2011

Your Natural Intelligences

Find out your strongest intelligences :
Score (1,2,3,or 4) or tick (ü) the statements in the white-out boxes only
I can play a musical instrument              
I often have a song in my head              
I find it easy to make up stories              
I have always been physically well co-ordinate              
Music is very important to me              
I am a good liar              
I play a sport or dance              
I am a sociable person like being with other people              
I find graphs and diagrams easy to understand              
I find it easy to remember quotes or  poems              
I can always recognize places that I have been before              
When concentrating I tend to doodle (sketch)              
I find mental arithmetic easy; can do sums in my head              
At school one of my favorite subjects is / was English              
I like to think through a problem carefully              
I love action sports and rollercoaster rides              
I enjoy individual sports best              
I find it easy to remember telephone numbers              
I set myself goals and plans for the future              
I can tell easily whether someone likes or dislikes me              
To learn something new, I just get on and try it              
I often see clear images when I close my eyes              
I don't use my fingers when I count              
At school I love / loved music lessons              
I find ball games easy and enjoyable              
My favorite subject at school is / was math              
I always know how I am feeling              
I love writing journal or blogging              
My favorite subject at school is / was art              
I really enjoy reading; usually get lost in a good book              
It upsets me to see someone cry and not able to help              
I prefer team sports              
Singing makes me feel happy              
I am happy spending time alone              
My friends always come to me for emotional support              
Total up at below to see your intelligence type :


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