Friday, July 29, 2011

VOTE my Insect Photographs

I have recently participated in a Photography Contest.
The topic of the competition is "INSECTS". (Spiders are allowed too)
I have picked five of my best insect macro photography but I could only submit one photograph for the competition.
I could not make up my mind to choose which picture should I use.
Please help me choose the best photograph by voting the most artistic and interesting one.
You can express you view and vote by leaving comments.

See Competition Results

Saya baru sahaja mengambil bahagian dalam satu pertandingan bergambar .
Tajuk pertandingan ini ialah "SERANGGA".
Saya sudah memilih lima daripada gambar serangga terbaik saya, tetapi cuma satu fotograf boleh diserahkan untuk pertandingan ini.
Ia sangat susah untuk saya memilih gambar yang terbaik.
Sila menolong saya dengan mengundi gambar saya yang paling indah dan menarik.
Anda boleh memberi pendapat dan mengundi melalui meninggalkan komen.
Terima Kasih!

Lihat Keputusan Pertandingan

Here are the photos:

Photograph 1

A moth (Lepidoptera) under the night lamp in Sukau Bed&Breakfast in Kinabatangan.
I love this picture because it is one of my best clear photograph at night without flash.

 Photograph 2
This Jumping Spider (Salticidae) owns a very unique pattern.
The beauty of the leaf patterns make this photo magnificent.
I found this spider in a church in Kampung Kadazan, Kunak.

 Photograph 3
This is the first bug I found when I arrived Sabah Tea Garden.
It is a little bit blur but this photo can reveal Nature's beauty.

 Photograph 4
A nice photo for a fierce giant Dobsonfly.
This species of orange large Dobsonfly is common in the mountains of Kundasag.
I took this picture in Aristo "hotel" in Kundasang.

 Photograph 5
This photo deserves to be here.
Two-tailed Spider (Hersiliidae) a.k.a. tree trunk spider, is an expert in camouflaging.
I have chosen this picture because it brings out the "invisible" creatures of Nature.
Invisible, yes, if you do not look closer into Nature.
But now, here I bring it to you all through my camera lens.



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