Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Life, the best thing that we ever have. Life is shared by humans, animals, plants and other living things. Life is difficult to be comprehended and defined. We do not need to work to be born but we must work hard to live. Let us look deeper into the meaning of LIFE.

Life on Earth started as microscopic microorganisms, few billion years ago. It is still a mystery yet to be solved on how life began. It takes an unbelievable coincident for the molecules on Earth to collide with each other to form a strand of DNA or something that "lives". This makes the probability of life almost zero. Until now, scientists are still battling to figure out what causes life to began.

Religious people view "Life" differently. They believe in God as the source of life and our life is from the souls within us. Many religions mentioned about life in their teachings. Christians have a saying "What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world but forfeits his life?". As for the Taoism, they have the concept of "Yin and Yang" which means balance in everything in our life. Buddhist believe in another life again after death, people who dies will be reincarnated into another person or an animal. Muslim's belief is that there will be heavenly place - Jannah جنّة, for the souls to live after death. Different religion have different view and concept of life but they all share one thing in common, that is they are aware of the existence of life.

Life is important, in fact the most important thing of all. With life, we can experience, live and enjoy. but some people do not think the same way. Some people do not want to live in this world due to sufferings. They think that they being born is a mistake. Other people are willing to sacrifice their life because they think that there are other things much more important than life like family, love, etc. Some others have a different concept to life - to them, life is not the conscience that we experience, but about how we live.

There are a few strange cases and facts about life. We humans sometime underestimated life. Some people managed to survive in dangerous condition, this changed the view towards human's life. There are a few amazing and unbelievable cases like an Indian holy man called Prahlad Jani who is still alive today without food and water for the past 70 years! Another example is a 59 year old woman, Val Thomas who was declared dead by medical experts but she "resurrected" after they removed her life tube. These baffled us only to show how little we understand about life.

Astrobiologist are astronomers which specially look for life other than us in the distant space. They hope one day we will be able to point at the night sky and saying "That's where our neighbours live". But if Earth is the only place in the whole universe that contains life, then we should be grateful and really appreciate LIFE.

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