Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Noah Rangers

I have been working voluntary as a Noah Ranger for the website Project Noah since October, 2011.
We rangers are just like park rangers except that we work in a "digital park".
As a Noah Ranger, I regularly monitor the site activity.
Not only are we given the special ranger badge, we are also given some "super powers"
We can edit and delete spottings when necessary.

These are part of our rangers' work-
> Welcome new users.
> Help users - Answer their questions and refer them to the FAQ.
> Remind users of the website rules and expectations.
> Encourage users to participate and remain active.
> Make sure all the information on each spottings are accurate.
> Flag and Delete content that violates our community policies
> Identify spottings that are not suitable.
> Flag and Delete spottings which have inappropriate photographs - stolen, graphic, prank, offensive, non-wildlife, extremely poor photographs and pictures that are not photographs at all.
> Remove improperly submitted spottings from missions.
> Remove improper comments and suggestions.
> Coordinate with other Rangers to monitor or contact suspect users.
> Warn problematic members.
> Help with species ID.
> Remind members to update their spottings.
> Suggest mission to users.
> Explore the new option the site has to offer.
> Report problems and bugs in the website.
> Give suggestion to improve the website.
> Be active on the chats.

Currently, we have around 80 rangers although several of them have become inactive.
Rangers are "elected" around the globe, from different background and age groups.
For more information on Noah Rangers, please read this post

Join Project Noah now and see whether you've got what it takes to be a Noah Ranger !
Happy Chinese New Year to all and have a shark fin-free celebration.

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