Sunday, March 10, 2013

Unidentified Frogs

Amphibians are such wonderful little creatures. The order Anura (Frogs and Toads) are the animals first come to mind when mentioning about this class. Occasionally, I bumped into a few species of them during my trip to other parts of Borneo. Most species have already been studied leaving behind only a few percentage of them undescribed. However, even though I am equipped with local frogs identification guide book and good Internet access into online resources, I could not identify some of the frogs and toads I have photographed. They could be unrecorded species or just that I am not good enough in identifying what I have found.

A tiny frog as small as a thumb nail that I caught beside the Maliau River in MBSC - Maliau Basin Study Center. This frog has colors and patterns to make it look like the stone and pebbles on the river banks. It might still have not fully matured yet. More pictures of this frog here

Another small jumper I caught from the same area. This one looks like a toad, a small toad. It is larger and might possibly be the fully-grown adult of the frog I caught before this. More photographs here

This medium-sized frog is quite common at night in Aristo inn, near Kundasang. They are yellowish brown in color and can be approached closely. More information about this frog here Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Alexander Haas for identifying this frog as a common Polypedates macrotis.

Any ID suggestion given is greatly appreciated.

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