Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two great hunters this morning

Today while I was waiting for my ride at about 6am, I witnessed 2 hunters catching their prey. These predators depend on their speed to hunt and survive.

The first predator I saw is a big dragonflyIt flew around non-stop looking for a hearty meal. A tiny moth (thats what I think it is) flew out slowly and the buzzing dragonfly flew around it to have a good look and capture it in mid-air.

The second great hunter is a small kingfisher. While I was looking at a young house gecko trying to run away from me, another animal is also watching it's every movement. The kingfisher bird swoop down to the ground and caught the little gecko in it's razor sharp beak. The bird caught the gecko with perfect accuracy. It then perched on a wireline to devour it's food.

I am glad to witness two great predators today and saw their technique of capturing prey. They are well-known for using their speed for hunting in the animal world.

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