Thursday, April 1, 2010

Occasions for the month April in school ?

This month will be a busy month for my school. Malay week closing ceremony or also as Malay week celebration just past. Two groups of students will open up their stalls for selling small things to other students. English week is coming. Our class will have a group singing on the stage. An English speech competition is also coming. There is a competition waiting for me, that is the Scrabble competition. I also have to join the 2010 International Science Examination. Chinese debating contest is open for any student who is good in Chinese and debating to join in. April is also the month which encourage students to borrow more books from the school library. There is also a Recycle day in the last week of April.

End of Malay Week:
The Malay Week just ended on the 3rd of April 2010. It is a joyous celebration. Most of the students enjoyed themselves. Prizes were given to winners who participate in stage show. After the Malay Week ends, some students are happy because they do not have to speak in Bahasa Malaysia anymore but others felt sad and want the Malay Week to last longer.

Free Bookmarks?:
Every year, my school will have a 'Free Bookmark Month' in April to encourage more students to borrow books and read them. Students who borrow books can get free bookmarks. There are different bookmarks for each day in April. But, the amount of bookmarks for giving away are limited. So early birds can have the bookmarks.

School Stalls:
Every year, the secondary six students of Sabah Chinese High School need to open up stalls and sell small things and games. These form 6 students are training to be businessmen so they have to opened up stalls and sell things and learn how to attract people to come to buy. By doing these, they can build up their experiences. As for this year, there are only two group of stalls. This year, their stalls will be open from 10 April to 24 April every Saturday after school finish till dark. They are the MAMAK DONALD and CHA CHAM BO. Last year, there are more groups than this year. But, the groups this year are more creative. On their last business day, the two group put up their stalls outside the school hall. They also put tables and chairs there to make that place like a restaurant. They did their best by wearing smart waiters costumes and having students to dress up as Mickey Mouse and Miney Mouse to attract more costumers.

English Week:
Every year SABAH CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL 斗 湖 巴 华 中 学 will have an English Week. In English Week, all students should communicate in English language. On the last day of the English week, there will be stage shows by school students about English. Our class will also go up the stage for a group sing. We will sing the English song - Send It On. This song was introduced to us by our Indonesian students. A few of the students who work hard on this group singing are Gloria, Jonathan, Lai Kee Yong and Vincent. The English Week this year will start from 12 April(Monday) to 17 April(Saturday).

English Speech Competition:
English speech competition will be on 14 April(Wednesday). Two of my classmates - Voon Zhi Chee and Ryu Ki Baek, will participate in this competition because my English teacher choosed them. Voon Zhi Chee has little confident in himself but I think he can do well. Ryu Ki Baek is a talkative Korean boy, that is why my teacher choosed him. His younger brother is an excellent English speaker. He might do as good as his brother.

Scrabble Competition:
This Scrabble competition will be held in Class S3G in my school on 16 April(Friday). The tittle of this contest is "Who Will Be The Scrabble King". My English teacher choosed me to join the scrabble competition rather than the speech contest. She said I am more suitable for the scrabble competition. On that challenging day, only Chin Kok Min, Jacky Voon, Ryu Ki Baek and me turned up for this competition. I know I can do fine with English words but I am not good in scoring marks. I always played Scrabble with my mother and she always won.

Chinese Debate Competition:
My school also organise debating competition for students to show their talent in debating. Students from different classes form groups to debate. The winners will compete from round to round until they reach the final round and see who wins. The first competing day for this debating is on the 16 April 2010 (Friday). The remaining winners will then compete with each other on the final round on 24 April (Saturday). There are beautiful trophies for winners in this debating competition. There are two sides in debating, there are those who agree and don't agree on a subject. Some people mixed up debating and quarrelling. They can't differentiate these two. Debating is much better than quarrelling although they sound the same. Debating is something like quarrelling too except there are rules. Debators fight with each other by showing proofs to convince people they are right. Quarrellings are just people raising their voices to each other and often causes a fight. To know more about debating please visit Wikipedia and Basic Debating Skills.

Recycling Day:
Recycling day is held on the last Saturday of every month in the school bus stop. For this month, the recycle day will be on 24 April. A buyer will come and buys the recycling things we have. The main things that we can recycle in school are papers, plastic bottles and cans.

2010 International Science Examination:
This international science exam is organised by the University of New South Wales in Australia. It is also called the ICAS eaxamination. This examination is an international standard one. I have joined the 2009 International English Examination last year by the same university. It will be held in class 301 on the 29April(Thursday). Based on my experience, I can predict that this comming science exam will not be easy and I cannot depend on my teacher and school English education alone, I need to gain extra knowledge from outside my school. Click THIS to see a sample of my comming science exam papers. A few years ago, Desmond - my former schoolmate, participate in this Science Exam and got distinction. Last year, Louise -my schoolmate, is the only one who got high distinction in school. All the other distinction students are all boys and she is the only girl.

These are the occasions for SCHS for the month APRIL.

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