Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strange White Creature

Among the trees around  Sukau Bed and Breakfast lodging house I found this white strange creature. This insect is a planthopper nymph - larva of the Eurybrachidae family.
It is well camouflaged against it's white background - tree bark filled with a layer of lichen. It usually put down it's 2 long tails when calm but will only raise it up when it is alerted.
If it's blending skill fails, it can just jump away.


gerald ilagan said...

i also found this strange white creature outside my house its afternoon a little rain falling from the clouds, i am seating outside my door when suddenly it jumps on my foot. . .and i was amaze by it because its the first time i saw that kind of creature. . . i try to catch it but its jumping away. . . i got bit scared to touch it because it might have any poison or else. . . im blocking it with a paper and wait for it to jump so i can catch it when it fall but its just circling around the paper not jumping instead it crawls away 2 the paper. . .i am amaze about that creature i hope someone could give us the name of it

Wong Chun Xing said...

Hi Gerald, this is a planthopper larva of the Eurybrachidae family.