Thursday, September 16, 2010

Such a lovely pond by the road side

We drove our car around Kota Kinabatangan on our second day of the trip. We drove pass Hospital Kota Kinabatangan and along the straight clean road we saw a lovely pond . We couldn't resist the beauty of the pond and reversed to return to that spot.  It is such a lovely pond just by the road side:
There are 9 lovely wild ducks lining up and floating on the pond. Kinabatangan is well known for its wild life. The wildlife of the Lower Kinabatangan River is acknowledged by experts to be the most varied and easily accessible in all of Southeast Asia. Such as this green lake beside the Kota Kinabatangan Road.

Travelers can't come to Borneo and not visit the jungles. Visitors can't pass by Kota Kinabatangan and not visit such a lovely pond.

Photo Above : Nine Lesser Whistling Ducks or Mandarin duck ?, resting at the natural pond behind Hospital Kota Kinabatangan.

Among our hopes is placed on the Government. Hope that this pond can gain the Government's protection from developers.

Seeing ducks resting naturally in waters in towns are quite rare in Sabah.

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