Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spiders Reference Websites

A website created as a working draft for A field guide to Spiders of Australia by Robert Whyte and Dr Greg Anderson due to be published in 2014.
Spiders of Australia finally have their own website.
I can now use this website as a guide reference to help me identify Australian spiders.
Take a look at the website here in the link
For spiders of Quensland -
If you are only looking for the Jumping Spiders (Salticidae) of Australia, I suggest you visit

A website has been created to record the spider species of Southern India.
As for Central India, there is also a website with checklists of the spiders in Melghat and Lonar Crater.
Nanda Devi, located on the border between India and China, has it's spiders recorded and published Dr. Sunil Jose has also created a index page with links to his blogs about specific group of spiders he recorded.

Singapore might not have many spider species compared to other countries but there are lot of spider photographs uploaded into the Internet from Singapore.
Some species are endemic to Singapore only because Singapore is an island.
So I need some spider species guide as a reference to identify many spiders of Singapore that we don't have here in Malaysia.

North America is a large continent that that holds a lot of spider species
I found this online North American spider identification guide.
It can be very useful for me to identify the spiders there.
Bugguide is a popular American insect-identification website.
Fortunately, spiders are also included in this website.

Europe is located between Africa and Asia with Russia, so it might contains a lot of spider species from these 3 great continents.
This website shows the spiders of NW Europe.

As one of the most modern country in technology and science, Japan should be able to identify and record most of the species of spiders there so I trust the spider website of of Japan.

A French website displaying a collection of spiders photographed mostly by Olivier Baudry and Sophie from Guyana, a country in South America.

As for spider species from rice land in South and Southeast Asia, here is a reference book written by A.T. Barrion and J.A. Litsinger
A checklist of the spiders of South Asia.
Spiders of the Malay Archipelago.

Indonesia is a large country compromising several main islands and thousands of other smaller islands. Many species of endemic spiders are found in that country but many more are yet to be discovered. Here is a link to the species discovered from Indonesia.

A checklist of West Malaysia's spiders here in

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